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When you dress according to your aspirations, everything conspires for your success. As an image consultant, I turn your story into a tool for personal evolution through your style.

Personal & Corporate Image

I firmly believe in processes. Growth with your image requires three decisive actions: ACCEPT, LEARN AND ASSUME, our 3A system that has helped many professional men and women from different careers.

According to my expertise of more than 10 years, your personal style supports your communication all times.

What evolution do you want today?

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Image preserves a collective aspect when it comes to a corporation. For business realities, we shape the image of the institution with everyone's personal image.

 Request personalized corporate services

 Request personalized corporate services

Love and Style : a winning couple

As I am always interested in the impact of the image in human relationships, I present my book «Love and style: a winning couple» to analyze the role of style in the communication of the couple.


Discover pieces that are designed to help you find the self-identity of your style.


Rhodie Lamour - Altos de Chavon

We help you achieve your most desired goals with our comprehensive personal style services.

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