Yazmina Jimenez

I've invested in training and coaching over the years to keep impoving my skills, approach and increase my knowledge on a wide variety of topics as a business coach and business owner.  I tought it was now time to invest in my own image and professional branding.


I know many image consultants, but somehow, when I met Rhodie a few months ago, I knew she would be the one I would Launch my new year with. She confirmed my assumptions about her when I experienced her unique approach, professionalism, insight and authenticity.  She didn't try to change who I am but rather enhance my look by taking into account that I am also married, a mother of 3 and quite involved in my community outside of work.

Rhis means I need comfortable and professional clothing that is versatile enough to take from a meeting with a client, a date with my hubby and a sports activity with my children.


Thank you Rhodie for understanging that and providing me with excellent practical advice.  I highly recommend you to both men and women.


Yazmina Jimenez, Business coach and author.


Iohan Fuertes

Fui bendecido con sus servicios, porque desde ese día entendí lo que me sucedía con aquello que pensaba me convenía llevar, para estar "adecuadamente", y al final me hacía sentir inseguro al punto de la frustración. Desde que le conocí empecé a ver las cosas diferentes, aprendí a ver oportunidades y a trabajar a mi favor, beneficiando aún más mis propósitos como persona y profesional.


Iohan Fuertes